Paint the walls while avoiding the ghosts


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Maze Painter is an entertaining game, clearly inspired by the classic PacMan, where you play a small furry ball whose mission is to paint an entire maze white.

The gameplay is very straightforward: you have to paint each of the maze walls you come across white, while making sure you don't bump into the ghosts which inhabit it. It's no easy task, as you keep running out of paint and have to go in search of more tins of paint, randomly distributed throughout the maze.

If you bump into a ghost, don't panic, you won't be killed on the spot, instead they'll drain you of some life. Luckily, the maze is full of first-aid kits to restore your health and allow you to continue painting the maze walls. Once you've whitewashed all the walls, you need to find the exit and move onto a new setting.

MazePainter is a very simple, entertaining game for a bit of light-hearted fun.